We have a training program which is well-planned to train young potential staff and university graduates become competent technicians and licensed engineers. We have a structured learning roadmap to develop and enhance the professionalism, management and soft-skills of our workforces.

Our People

Workforces are our most valuable asset. our staff reached to 506 in 2016, consist of technicians, licensed engineers, managers, administrative officers and supervisors. We believe on the importance of investing to attract, retain, motivate and develop the right talents to achieve their full potential, we are fully committed to upgrade the skills of our licensed engineer, technicians and support teams to meet to the operational needs in the latest technology in industry.


Asuka Integrated System

Asuka integrated system is a software development of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing). AIS program is a system of information and online operational systems which is designed for Asuka Engineering Indonesia, PT to integrate and automate all business processes related to all aspects of the operation, both operations HRD, marketing operations, production operations, financial operations as well as supply and distribution operations as well as serve as monitoring, controlling and budgeting project.

Because the system AIS is based online therefore it is easier for each employee, department, division and top management as well as the owner to run the company’s operations quickly, efficiently and automatically. Each employee is be able to perform jobs directly anywher for 24 hourse. It can be accessed using software such as a computer, smartphone, and ipad.

The AIS facilitate the company to respond customer’s need quickly. It also provides optimal services because all of the company’s operations have been integrated online.