Electrical & Instrumentation

Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering is one of our main business. We are proud to be part of the world’s electrical business development. Since 2000, we have already started providing electrical services and since then we have hundreds of electrical projects that we have been working on. Based on the experience, we always commit to complete each task and challenge. We strive to complete projects on time within a given time period.


Electrical & Instrumentation expert in Asuka Engineering Indonesia, PT consists of electrical & instrumentation engineers, specialist and technicians are reliable and professional, we can support for any kind of services :

a. H/V Installations
• Substation Work
• Cable Rack Installation
• Power and Control Cable Installation
• HV Termations

b. L/V Installations
• Lighting, Fire Alarm, Telecommunication
& Lightning Protection
• Earthing System
• Cathodic Protection
• DCS Installation
• LV Termination

c. Instrument Installations
• Field Instrumen Calibration and Installation
• Instrument Cable Tray Installation
• Field Wiring and Main Cable Installation
• Air Supply, Piping and Tubing System
• Painting and Jointing Box Installation
• Calibration and Loop Check

Mechanical & Piping

The mechanical and Piping Department Asuka Engineering Indonesia, PT was formed by the year 2008 because of the increasing of clients’/partners’ request to conduct mechanical and piping services.

The teams of mechanical and piping team Asuka Engineering Indonesia,PT have proven their success by some achivements below:
• Pipe Commisioning LNG Tangguh Project – Papua Indonesia
• Steam Pipe Line Project at BOC Gresik Gases – Indonesia


• Mechanical & Piping Power Plant Generator 20 MW – Lombok Indonesia
• Mechanical & Piping for Power Plant Generator 45 MW – Bali Indonesia
• Fabrication & Instalation Diesel Tank – PT. Indoporlent Indonesia
• Fabrication & Instalation Storage bag filter, Coke bag filter & service cooler – Krakatau Posco Indonesia
• Fabrication & Installation LNG Pipe – Gas Engine Bawean – Indonesia
• Fabrication & Installation Pipe Line New Boiler 60 T/H PT. OTE Engineering Indonesia – Gresik Indonesia
• Fabrication & Install Ucat J Catalyst Pipe Project PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical – Cilegon Indonesia
• etc

Civil & Construction

Civil & Construction department is dedicated to produce civil works and construction of high quality for industrial, commercial & Infrastructure sectors. In every project we always maintain the highest level on integrity. We offer our clients to cooperate in expertise, equipment, human resources and high quality technology needed


Our dedication to quality and expertise, as well as high level of competence in all operation areas and project management we are working on. PT.Asuka Indonesia Engineering serves the needs of various sectors including civil & construction services of various industry sectors. We are be able conduct the work according to the purpose of construction and budget constraints.

Plant Maintenance

Asuka engineering Indonesia, PT also provides services in the areas of Industrial / Maintenance for smelting copper and steel industry, power plant, petrochemical, oil & gas industry and cement industry.


The field of Industrial Maintenance / Maintenances can we serve are :

Industrial Maintenance / Maintenance:
• Routine maintenance
• Preventive Maintenance
• Predictive Maintenance (Inspection, Condition monitoring, Alignment, Balancing, etc.)
• Overhaul Plant
• Modification and Re-engineering Equipment Factory
• Repair and Replacement (Roll, Segment, Pump, Fan, Valve, Gearbox, Compressor, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Tank, Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Boiler, Crane, Conveyor, Motor, Panel, Control Systems, Machine