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The mechanical and Piping Department Asuka Engineering Indonesia, PT was formed by the year 2008 because of the increasing of clients’/partners’ request to conduct mechanical and piping services.

The teams of mechanical and piping team Asuka Engineering Indonesia,PT have proven their success by some achivements below:

  • Pipe Commisioning LNG Tangguh Project – Papua Indonesia
  • Steam Pipe Line Project at BOC Gresik Gases – Indonesia
  • Mechanical & Piping Power Plant Generator 20 MW – Lombok Indonesia
  • Mechanical & Piping for Power Plant Generator 45 MW – Bali Indonesia
  • Fabrication & Instalation Diesel Tank – PT. Indoporlent Indonesia
  • Fabrication & Instalation Storage bag filter, Coke bag filter & service cooler – Krakatau Posco Indonesia
  • Fabrication & Installation LNG Pipe – Gas Engine Bawean – Indonesia
  • Fabrication & Installation Pipe Line New Boiler 60 T/H PT. OTE Engineering Indonesia – Gresik Indonesia
  • Fabrication & Install Ucat J Catalyst Pipe Project PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical – Cilegon Indonesia
  • etc

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