Vision & Mission

Contractor Company, PT. Asuka Engineering Indonesia has built a business with a very high commitment to be the best, one of which is to become a quality contractor company. Supported by passionate and dedicated workers, both tough competition and obstacles have challenged us to be better. PT. Asuka Engineering Indonesia is committed to maintaining hard work to make the company as the leader. We believe that good quality is achieved by hard work and continuous experience which can continuously support us to make future innovations


To become a Qualified, trusted and world-class construction service company and participate in improving the life quality of the Nation


Concerning  on  excellence  Price,  Service,  Quality and realizing the vision above, those are achieved by :

1. Improving the Quality of Human Resources

2. Value Added

3. Best performance

4. Commitment and consistency

Company Strategic Plan

  1. Maximal management & empowerment of five pillars, namely Construction Services business: Marketing, Operations, Finance, Human Resources & Information.
  2. Recruitment and training of appropriate human resources to produce a competent, dedicated and high-spirited workforce alongthe corporate culture.
  3. The application of responsible principle in making decision and good corporate governance (GCG) which Lead to the planned management and organization.
  4. Equating perception between the management and employees to maintain the values of the company in achieving its objectives (outcomes) together.
  5. Increasing competition in the era of globalization by making continual improvements and collaboration with other companies both national and international.
  6. Improving the sustainable welfare of employees.